Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog # 5

Internalized racism I do believe that it exist but by virtue of self pity, assimilation or ignorance. I respect Malcolm X for some of his ideology but not all. In my opinion he to some extent provided black people with a crouch at it relates to their capabilities, future and responsibilities. One of the shift in consciousness that Malcolm wanted to create was to label blacks tell them what they are worth capable of or how far they can go in other words he set barriers. For example he thought black people cannot be good lawyers this was pretty much the same concept Booker T Washington had. He believed that blacks should focus in vocational areas; personally I resent both notions that is very much what contributed to internalized racism. We tend to always point the finger at others. One would say that it is the natural order of things, that white America dominates and it is pretty challenging to proceed against the rules and structure. The powers and change you are fighting would be met with much resistance. The ruling class or “race “would rebel in order to maintain dominance. Malcolm perceived this as African Americans absorbing the ideology of white supremacy. There are ways for blacks to get pass the teachings of Malcolm X which limits their potential and advancement in society.  Take for example W.E.B Du Bois, he was a progressive reformer, radical, activist, author and civil right leader. He was the first black to receive a PHD from Harvard University in sociology. He is known for his talented speeches which educate blacks. He believed that educating blacks would filter down to other generation he also believe that blacks should be professionals such as: doctors, lawyers which is in direct opposition to Malcolm X’s perspectives.
I do believe that inequality exist, however, there are a lot of opportunities and tools available to fight racism, discrimination, and oppression. We need to take control take responsibility and have a “double consciences” which is seeing things from both black and white races.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog #4

For my paper I will be doing a song.It will be by the lengendary Bob Marley titled "BUFFALO SOLDIER."
The protest is on social and political enslavement,racial and class discrimination,also about the migration and voyage of blacks as slaves to America.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bob Dylan's "Only a pawn in their game" Blog #3

This is definitely the definition of political art. It is conveying a message while at the same time educating and informing the masses. He is sharing a views or observation of the structure of classes, the corruption, and racial injustice. He highlights the power of the social class, racism and cultural struggle.  He wanted people to be aware but not conform to the ideology of the dominant or ruling class. He wanted his audience to see the practice of advance capitalism and the overwhelming role it was currently playing. He wanted his audience to see exploitation of not only the blacks but also the whites. The ruling class was using the dependency theory and brain washed the whites into accepting it, by selling them the physiological notion that the color of their white skin is good enough they should be grateful that they are white and superior to the blacks. That in itself should be good enough rather than being concern about increase in wages, promotion or a better lifestyle.
He was also trying to convince the blacks that it is not totally the fault are the responsibility of the shooter. It is based on a chain structure, a system of the rulers and the ruled. It is what is being taught in order to maintain domination privilege and power. While doing this they unknowingly give consent. He wants to blame society as the force for segregation, abuse and racism. Bob is not in my opinion excusing the actions of the whites however, he want everyone both blacks and whites that they are only a pawn in a game for the combative fight of class, capital and labor. Bob’s audience is absolutely everyone; it’s not designated to a specific color or class. He wants the rulers to know that he’s aware the whole ploy and for the other to be aware and be emancipated.
Yes he does make a convincing argument, in my opinion factual and right on point too. It also ignite a lot of emotions not just sadness and pain but anger. He is suggesting a movement, he wants reform and change.I don’t think Bob Dylan’s song is meant to entertain, it is simplistic like a poem, a challenge to listen without melody so that there can be focus on the message the words.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog #2 Reed, why music was so important in the civil rights movement?

Reed argument about why music was so imporant in the civil rights movement is based on facts, experience outcome and feedback.Music in the civil rights era was used as a cushion,comfort ,tool,communication,means of informing and entertainment.For Reed in singing ,fear is both indirectly acknowledge and directly challenged.One of these situations and song is on of the one too many occasions  when a group of high school students were gsathered,the police charged in and forced the activist to sit in the dark while they harass them.Amid the terrified scene a girl began to sing to sing 'we shall over come," to thisday the song is a movement anthem.It is always an anthem at funerals .Singing away a bit of fear they asserts the strenght and vigour it takes to prepare to fight and die for freedom justise or whatever the cause. The power ,influence and admiration  of we shall overcome transcends to all over the world and is adapted by different cultures such as the Chinese and Germans on ground breaking situations of significance.The song however, will always be home to and the center of the movement for black freedom and justice in the U.S.
Music is a grassroot hallmark of blacks it was and still is a conduit to convey messages.It was the tone and instrument for love and unity.It was a prized possesion.Music was the signature of civil rights issues some songs became anthems,for example "lift every voice and sing" also "we shall overcome" it helps to overcome the obtacles of of freedom.There were even concerts singing of course where proceeds were donated to civil rights issues.There were different styles and genre of music such as black baptist,gospel,folk with secular blues styles.Blacks who sang then knew that it helps to make them strong .Its effectiveness certainly helped significantly it was the conduit to effectuate change.It served as a good primer for their painful ,dertermin but necessary journey.
There was a so much message in the music,it was liberation,protest,refusal to bow,unity, adversity and determination.Music was used to advance the cause of civil rights, it was the mainstream of the movement,struggle against was meditation dream and memories.
Music is a product of an existing environment,the role of music today needs to be examin,does it even have a role?Are we influence by the music today? Yes we are but how? Thats certainly another paper or topic I could go on forever because it it not the same its abuse and taken for granted,poisons society contribution factor being the "freedom of speech" the freedom then and the freedom now it very much debatable.